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Gere Attila Winery – Image film

Ars Poetica

     „Mankind’s connection to grapes and wine goes back for millenia and this connection is still very much alive. The enjoyment of wine is an integral part of our everyday lives. We winemakers have devoted our lives to make the best use of nature’s resources and produce wines of ever increasing beauty and sophistication. To achieve this goal we must treat vines as assets and refrain from exploiting them. Vineyards can reach their full potential only when they are kept neat and tidy. Superior quality is based on healthy grapes, hard work, discipline and an unconditional commitment to our profession. ‘

Attila Gere

One wine-region, three wineries

Gere Attila family winery

Attila Gere gave up his original profession in 1991 to establish the Gere family enterprise one of the best known wineries in Hungary today.

Gere &Weninger Winery

Another successful branch of the winery is the Gere-Weninger Winery – a joint venture with Franz Weninger the renowned Austrian wine maker. The winery farms 10 hectares today.

Csillagvölgy Winery

In 2010 Attila Gere and Vilmos Schubert established Csillagvölgy winery in Villány, which produces mostly light white and rosé wines and distributes its wines under its own brand and design.


GERE Attila Winery deals with the processing of grape seed and peel since 2010. Now this process takes place totally in the own factory of the winery from own material comes from the organically farmed plantations.

From the grape seed we make grape seed oil and grape seed extract. First we press the oil from the gathered seeds, then we grind them. Since the whole or scrunched grape seed can not exert its beneficial effects so its grinding is necessary. So the active ingredients in it come to surface and infiltrating into the body they can get in touch with our bowel system easily and on a much greater area. Thanks to it their absorption takes place easily.

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