V. GERE Jazz-Festival – Latin fiesta

Villány, GERE Estate (10-11.06.2016.)

5 years is not a great period in a life of a festival which was established as a convention, but it is just enough to mean a kind of landmark and give reason to celebrate. In accordance with its original aim the GERE Jazz Festival arrange Gere wines, fine dining and ambitious jazz music into a well sounding triad in the summer of 2016 once again. But the 5 year mini-anniversary of the festival is also an excellent chance to evoke a real “fiesta” atmosphere in the mark of celebration. It was an old dream of the organizers – Zoltán Pauli and Tamás Illés – to totally achieve latin jazz thematic effecting all senses. Noses, gusts mix with invigorating tunes and magical scene, teleporting the guests an overseas world which is almost palpably much hotter than the Mediterranean air of Villány.



10.06.2016. FRIDAY

18:00: Opening

19:00: Enyedi Sugárka JazzTett

21:00: Ricardo Salsa Club


11.06.2016. SATURDAY

17:00: Opening

18:00: Pátkai Rozina Quintet

20:00: Barrio Latino

22:00: Matt Bianco (Mark Reilly) & New Cool Collective


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