Gere Jazz Festival in 2018

At Gere Attila Winery the 7th Gere Jazz Festival will be held on 8th and 9th of June, 2018. The location is the Gere Estate as usual. Thanks to the different thematic from year to year, this time the participants can experience a real Italian dolce vita feeling among the vineyards of Villány. Beside of the stars of the Hungarian jazz this year Nicola Conte – representing the most danceable jazz – will perform the songs from his new album for the first time in Hungary.

The festival located among the most southern vineyards of Hungary puts Gere wines, fine dining and ambitious jazz music in a well tinkling triad.  Italian melodies, Tuscan atmosphere and quality wines await the guests of Villány on the 2nd weekend of June. Gastronomy as usual an important part of the festival. The chefs of Mandula Restaurant will prepare real Italian courses – grill terrace, Italian dishes and desserts. Gere family invited the Italian Sirk family as a gastronomic star guest. They are the owners of the Michelin star awarded La Subida restaurant and representing Italian gastronomy. They bring foretastes from the delicacies of La Subida.

For the joy of the fans of the modern jazz the first performer of the festival is the deservedly famous Rákfogó zenekar which does not only celebrate the rebirth of Rákfogó (Szakcsi, Babos, Kőszegi) but also Szakcsi who is 75 this year and plays the piano on the stage for 60 years now. The renewed band plays the newest pieces of Béla Lakatos Szakcsi and also the former jazz-rock evergreens in the spirit of the experimental period of the formation.

Kéknyúl Hammond Band will be a unique spot of the festival. Kéknyúl band plays amusing jazz funk blues with organ in a unique set up. Beside of the leading role bass is also the task of the Hammond organ. Drum, guitar and imposing wind instruments gives the accompaniment. The pick of the programme are the own songs, which is completed by some rewritten classic pieces as the respect of the great olds.

The first perfomer of the second day is Balázs Elemér Group. The popular band was established by Elemér Balázs in 2000 and since then they performed on several Hungarian, international concerts with great success. They also won many prizes. Beside of the band leader and drummer Flóra Kiss, Milán Szakonyi, József Balázs, Áron Komjáti, Krisztiána “Pecek” Lakatos and József Czibere will play for us on the Gere Jazz Festival.

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet evokes the free and improvised jazz-rock world of the 70’s which sounds really fresh through the filter of the four young, 21st century, big city, cosmopolitan musicians.

The Italian star of the festival is Nicola Conte, the creator of the most jazzy dance music and the most danceable jazz.  The participants of the festival will hear his new songs from his new album coming out soon.

This year this is the 7th Gere Jazz festival establishing a tradition among summer festivals. Awaits to Villány all those who are the determined fans of wine, music and gastronomy. Attila Gere and his family present the participants of this exclusive, Italian atmosphere garden party with everlasting experiences.


8th June 2018. (Friday)
20:00 Rákfogó zenekar
22:00 Kéknyúl Hammond Band

9th June 2018. (Saturday)
18.00 Balázs Elemér Group
20.00 BarabásLőrinc Quartet
22.00 Nicola Conte (ITA)

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