The wondrous grape seed

It was our Nobel-prize winning scientist, Dr. Albert Szentgyörgyi who first described the beneficial effects of grape seeds to the human body in 1936. He was the first to state that grape seeds may have the highest concentration of natural antioxidants. The GERE Attila Winery has been processing grape seeds and skin since 2010. Today this […]


Vincent-Day programs

Real winter started in Villány wine region and the celebration of St. Vincent Day is one of the first events of the New Year. It is some years now, that the Cellar to Cellar – Variations to Vincent event await the wine lovers with many colourful programs. It is an old tradition that the vineyard […]


Solus for the Holidays

Solus is the wine of celebrations and every day is a celebration when we open a bottle of it. One of the top item of our winery is an excellent choice for Christmas holidays, since we can either match it for the meals, consume it with the guests or give it as present. Recently we […]


The Villányi Franc

Villány reconstructed its old origin protection system in 2014 and created the new wine region brand. Since then we work together for the success of Villányi Franc. The professionals and wine lovers like and acknowledge the wines which is marked by that for the Franc&Franc event in November there are more and more visitors from […]


Gere-vintage evaluation 2017

This year we finished the harvest on 19th October. We brought back the last cases full with the bunches of Cabernet Franc. After this we concentrate on the cellar and the work there, since the wines ferment and age continuously. In 2017 Villány wine region and our winery closed a very good year. This year […]


Csillagvölgy vineyard

Csillagvölgy vineyard is one of the old slopes of Villány. It lies between the town and Szársomlyó-hill. We own a cca. 20 hectare size, southern sited, declivous area where we harvest the grape used for Weninger & Gere Villányi Franc – among others. We had our first, small vineyard in this slope, then in 2005 […]


Summer refreshments from Gere wines

During summer months cold, refreshing drinks come well. Though Villány is known by its serious red wines, we do not have to miss the wines of the wine region in the hot. Recently we visited Paris and there we tasted this specialty which became our favorite immediately. We decided to try it at home since […]

Varró Zoltán 1210x423

The new tasting halls with the eyes of our interior designer

We thank the renewed tasting halls at the winery to Zoltán Varró interior architect: he designed the interior of several hotels, confectionaries and restaurants.  He knew Gere family for years, furthermore he is a great fan of the wines so the inspiration was given. Considering the old acquaintanceship it was not hard to dream the […]


Our winery has renewed

We started a big work in the end of Spring, renewing the tasting hall of the winery. It was a challenge because until the Gere Jazz Festival everything had to be finished. Originally we planned to renew only the tasting hall, but finally a bigger extension was done. We missed the homely atmosphere of the […]


Two decades of Kopar

1997. Do you remember what happened twenty years ago? This was the year when headlines all over the world were occupied by news of the first cloned animal, Dolly the sheep, the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic made moviegoers reach for their handkerchiefs, the Hungarian water polo team led by Dénes Kemény made its international breakthrough by […]