Villányi Blue grape seed and peel extract (150g)

It is a really special product which assists to keep our health since the seed of grape contains the most natural antioxidants. Due to the patented, special micro-grinding method the antioxidants and other valuable bio-active materials can absorb into the body extremely effectively.

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Villányi Grape seed oil 100% (250ml)

The oil which came from the seeds of the fully ripen blue grapes of the winery is very rich in bio-active antioxidants. Due to its high temperature bearing level it is perfectly appropriate for cooking, or making salads.


Similar to the Blue grape seed and peel extract the blue grape seed oil is also rich in antioxidants and contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. Comparing to other oils it contains vitamin E in much higher rate. The recommended daily quantity from the oil is one tea- or tablespoon. You can also mix it with salad or other dishes. It can be also used with creams, but in original form it is also excellent for pampering our skin. (For example as massage oil).

Verjus (Green grape juice) (0,5 l)

It was the most common souring material in the middle ages. We reanimated this tradition when we pressed the acid-rich liquid of the unripe, green grapes and bottled it. Its taste is special fruity and has citrus aroma.


We recommend it to use it for making salad primarily – instead of lemon and vinegar. But also can be used for amazing sauces or even as refreshing soft drink with soda. Tip: verjus-elderberry lemonade.

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