The wine vaults with the capacity of 200 bottles are in the 40 m long wine cellar of CROCUS Gere Wine Hotel. In the traditional, several hundred old domed cellar the wines can be aged under ideal circumstances for even long term.

Wine vault rental fee:

The annual rental fee of the vault is 60.000 HUF + VAT. The vault is possible to rent for min. 1, max. 3 years.

If you purchase from the wines of Gere Winery for min. 180.000 HUF / one occasion, then we give your wine vault for 1 year FOR FREE.

The process of wine vault rent:

You can indicate your vault rent intention by email to address. After this we send the invoice of the rental fee or the wine purchase. After fulfillment we send the KOPAR CLUB WINE VAULT RENTAL CONTRACT. We also produce the name plate for the vault.

Services for the renter of wine vault:

  • Preferential room prices
  • Gere wine vault package: unique wine selection compiled for the owners
  • Invitation for degustation dinner: 7 course gourmet dinner experience in Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Invitation for thematic wine tasting: special wine tasting selected from the vintage items of the cellar. Venue: Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Reservation of the exclusive cigar-separé of Mandula Restaurant for wine tasting (by appointment)
  • Professional serving of the Gere wines from the vault with the help of our sommelier
  • In the case of internet purchase we place the wines in your vault if requested
  • Wine post service: free delivery of the wines resting in the vault to your address

For visiting the vault and for taking out and placing in the wines it is necessary to send a previous written reservation to: 

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