The history of our winery started 7 generations ago and the long journey we had to take was challenging and required hard work. We had to respect traditions but also to develop and apply experimental solutions. This is how the GERE brand was established – a household name today both domestically and beyond borders. By now the size of our family estate has reached 70 hectares and the young generation also contributes to the day-to-day running of the winery. The aim of the family is to implement the old Hungarian traditions of grape growing and oenology that the older generation transmit to the younger ones.

One can find 7 generations of wine makers on the GERE family tree. Continuity was only interrupted by the grandfather and father. After the second world war farmers’ holdings were taken away and widespread deportations disrupted the handing down of family traditions. Attila Gere chose forestry as his profession. His first contact with wine making came through his father in law in 1978. Tasting his traditionally made wines he recognized the great potential lying dormant in Villány red wines.

Attila Gere and his wife Katalin farmed only a few acres of vineyard in Csillagvölgy which they received from their parents as a wedding-present in 1978. The first commercially available vintage was 1986.

In 1991 the Gere pension was opened. It was the first accommodation of its kind in Villány. It was a bold move – at the time wine tourism was hardly heard of either in Villány or anywhere else in Hungary.

In 1991 Attila Gere gave up his profession and established the Gere family enterprise, which is nowadays one of the best known wineries in Hungary. The area under vine gradually increased over the years. Today – thanks to years of hard work – the winery farms 70 hectares in the best plots of the wine region.

The Gere-Weninger Winery established in 1992 with Franz Weninger the renowned Austrian winemaker is also successful. As of today this branch of the enterprise farms 10 hectares.

In 1994 Attila Gere was the winner of the honourable title “Wine Maker of the Year” acknowledging his outstanding work. 3 years later with the 1997 vintage a great dream came true: the first vintage of KOPÁR Cuvée was bottled. By this time the newly planted vines in the excellent areas of the winery became productive thus making it possible to introduce a great wine.

In 2002 GERE winery’s new ageing cellar and factory was completed. The technological conditions in this facility satisfy even the most modern requirements.

In October 2008 the CROCUS GERE WINE HOTEL**** was opened. This is a four star  family wine and wellness hotel. This way we managed to match the level of catering to the quality of Gere wines. The a’la carte Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar – which can be found in the hotel – offers regional gourmet kitchen to the fans of gastronomy based on the excellent materials of the wine region. In our CROCUS Wine Spa wellness centre we await our guests with vinotherapy treatments based on grape and wine.

In 2010 Attila Gere and Vilmos Schubert established Csillagvölgy winery in Villány which produces mostly light white and rosé wines and distributes its products under its own brand and label.

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