The wines of the family winery are distributed under the name GERE. The Basic Wines range is made up of the lighter, fruitier wines in our portfolio. The labels in this range are colorful and youthful. A step higher in the product range we offer the more serious Estate Wines sporting elegant, black and white labels. The 3 Top Wines (Kopar, Solus, Attila) at the top of the sortiment are adorned with unique labels as befits their individual personalities.



A fresh, youthful, fruity white sparkling wine conveying the aromas and flavours characteristic of the basic variety. The basic wine is injected with pleasant carbon dioxide at the time of bottling. An excellent summer drink, we recommend to serve it chilled.


The nose of this rosé wine is fresh, young and brightly fruity. It is refreshed with creamy carbon dioxide during bottling. The optimal acid content lends the wine a nice playfulness coupled with good intensity. Light, aerial wine with an alluring finish.


Olaszrizling is a traditional variety in our region. The real beauty of this wine derives from the fully ripened grapes harvested with high must weight. The wine shows characteristic notes of citrus, grapefruit and displays a welcome freshness. Made in stainless steel both the nose and the palate are typical of the variety.


The typical variety of Villány wine region. A smooth, silky and intensely fruity red wine dominated by the primary nose and aromas of the grape. An easy to drink, fresh and pleasant wine. Does not require longer aging it is best to be consumed while still young.

Athus Cuvée

An amazing red wine with spicy character and fresh acidity. Kékfrankos adds liveliness and character, Cabernet Sauvignon adds spiciness, and Portugieser adds fruitiness and kindness.

Fekete járdovány

Raspberry, sour cherry, flowery and fine barrel marks. In its nose mostly more acrid fruits dominate, with a hint of cocoa-coffee aroma. It has nice balance when tasting, supplemented by pleasant acids and fine tannins. It is characterized by intense fruitiness and tight structure which are typical for the variety. Thanks to these it is very enjoyable even now, but after some years we can taste a very interesting item.


This wine is also famous for its fruitiness which is nicely complemented by an intriguing spiciness. The palate is ripe and round, the tannin silky, enlivened by playful acidity. Notes of chocolate are supplemented by milk caramel, and the persistent finish is richly fruity.

Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the typical varieties of Villány which yields great red wines. This is a more filigrane variety which spends 16 months in great oak barrels. Full bodied but also elegant it is a pleasant red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon barrique

This is a full bodied interpretation of the variety.  The nose shows great complexity: besides a wide range of fruits there is a pleasant sense of smokiness hinting at ageing in small barrels. A full bodied, complex wine, with a persistent finish. One to lay down.


The harvest of our young plantation in the Konkoly vineyard. We wanted to create a fruity, full bodied style red wine. The ripe tannins, the dense texture, the amazing spiciness and the elegant signs of oak due to a shorter ageing in 2nd year barriques resulted in a really complex wine.

Villányi Franc Ördögárok vineyard

Villányi Franc is the embodiment of elegance and harmony. Thanks to the terroir, the perfectly ripe grapes, the strict
selection and the barrique ageing, a special, rich and complex single vineyard wine was born with long ageing potential.


The emblematic top wine of the winery. Made only in the best years.  Selected grapes from the best vineyards of Villány (Kopár, Csillagvölgy, Konkoly, Ördögárok). The wine is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. On average it receives a 16-18 month long ageing in barriques.


The emblematic Merlot wine of the winery made only from the grapes of the Kopar vineyard and only in the best vintages. The Latin word ’solus’ means ’unique’ and it’s a perfect description of the special qualities of this wine. Our aim was to create a wine that can stand comparison with the greatest wines of the world.


The essence of the winery. Attila is a limited special barrel selection made from the most outstanding new barrels of the winery. An embodiment of all the values of the Villány wine region, Attila is characterized by unique depth, complexity, concentration and elegance. It has a great ageing potential.

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