The labels for the Weninger-Gere wines were specifically designed for this range and make them easy to distinguish from the Gere wines. The wines are made by the Gere family, so in terms of oenology and wine making philosophy there are no differences between and the GERE wines. The difference lies in the plantations. The range features both lighter and full bodied wines.


A fresh, young wine with fruity tones. Its basic variety is Kékfrankos. To enjoy its real beauty it should be consumed within 1 year after harvest. It is characterized by the fresh and intense aromas of ripe fruits. It shows a silky, creamy texture and comes with a nice grip. Great to accompany social gatherings.

Phoenix Cuvée

The history of Weninger-Gere winery started with this wine in 1992. A blend of Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Portugieser and Merlot. The nose is dominated by ripe forest fruits supplemented by the smoky notes of oak barrels on the palate. This is a pleasant, mid-weight wine, notable for its elegance.

Pinot Noir

Made from grapes harvested in the Ördögárok vineyard. A wine of great elegance with both nose and palate dominated by fruits. True Villány Pinot Noir style: a marriage of the sun-kissed terroir and the delicate beauty of the variety.


Made from grapes harvested in the marvellous Ördögárok vineyard. This is a 100% Tempranillo the typical variety of Rioja in Spain. The name ’Tinta’ (’ink’ in English) refers to its really dark color. The nose is alluring with its deep, spicy scent. Rich in its taste and has marked tannins.

Villányi Franc - Csillagvölgy vineyard

The iconic variety of the wine region, which created a really unique style in Villány. The top wine of Weninger-Gere winery, which is made of grapes exclusively coming from the Csillagvölgy vineyard. This is an extremely rich, deep, layered wine showing an array of spices and fruit both on the nose and the palate. A wine to lay down for prolonged aging.

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