Our vineyards can be found in some of the best plots of the wine region such as Kopár, Konkoly, Csillagvölgy, Ördögárok. In terms of soil and micro-climate each bearing surface has slightly different properties but typically the basic soil is loess which is rich in limestone. It can be found on a limestone-dolomite basic ground, which is excellent to make full-bodied red wines. Since 2010 we apply organic farming in our whole plantation area.

From the 90’s we continuously purchased those areas which – according to the stories of the grandparents – had good reputation and excellent properties but left as lea-land during the mass production collectivist era. We replanted them. Since 2010 the winery applies chemical-free, organic viticulture. The basis of the excellent quality is the healthy grape so on our plantations there are no compromises.

Estate data

Size of estate:70 ha
Number of stocks:7200 stocks/ha
Farming method:twin stocks – middle cordon
Yield: At great wines 1 cluster / cane (0,7-1kg/stock)
Varieties:Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Portugieser, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Medoc Noir, Tempranillo, Kékfrankos, Fekete Járdovány
Experimental varieties: Ancient Carpathian basin varieties: Bakator, Purcsin, Csóka, Balafánt, Kékbajor, Feketefájú bajor

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