General description: One of the best vineyards of Villány, Kopár is located between Villány and Nagyharsány on the southern side of Szársomlyó hill (442 m). The total area is 63,5 ha. These are the southernmost vineyards of Hungary at an elevation of 120-130 m

Due to its expansion the Kopár slope is multi-faceted. It has got both south-southeast and south-southwest sides and beside the elevation the angular offset changes too: the foot of the hill is declivous (6-13%), going upwards it is steeper (21-30%). The western part of Kopár (towards Nagyharsány) even has a different name. This part is called Szarkás-slope up to these days. We harvest the most beautiful grapes for the top wines (SOLUS, KOPÁR) of the Gere Winery in this area.

Soil: Going upward from the foot of the hill the soil is getting thinner. On the top areas even the limestone basis is visible (hence the name Kopár (meaning ’barren’)). The vines produce smaller bunches and the grapes are richer and more concentrated in minerals. Grapes harvested here reach ripeness 2 weeks earlier on average than in other areas and show perfect ripeness.

Micro-climate: Szársomlyó hill’s giant rock mass results in a really unique micro-climate on this slope. During the night the rocks radiate back the heat which they have absorbed during the day from the sun, this way there are no great temperature fluctuation between day and night. In Hungary this is the area that receives the most thermo energy from the Sun and thanks to its southern exposure the hours of sunshine is also the highest (2100 hours). The bunches are exposed to sunlight from almost every direction.

Varieties: SOLUS-Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Medoc Noir

Farming method: twin stocks, middle (70 cm) cordon, 7.200 stocks/ha.

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