Tradition and innovation

The new cellar of Gere Winery – which was opened in 2002 – combines the most modern technology with the wine making traditions of Villány. Harvest is done manually, the bunches are selected on site and put in small crates. We work with low yields (in the case of our top wines cca. 0,7–1 kg/stock) and use only quality, hand-selected grapes.

Before the processing we apply a cluster selection on a conveyor belt. Only totally ripe, healthy grapes are processed. After gathering the berries, the previously cooled down wine-mash goes to tempered steel tanks and wooden tanks. This is where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures. Fermentation takes 1-3 weeks, depending on the varieties.

Our aim is to convey and express the typical flavours of the Villány wine region in our wines. In order to achieve this goal the handling of grapes and musts is done with utmost care and as gently as possible. For fermentation we rely on local yeasts selected from the GERE plantations. Our aim is to produce natural wines with unique character reflecting our terroirs.

Fermentation is followed by gentle pressing done by pneumatic presses.

The spontaneous biological malolactic fermentation takes place in the ageing cellar in new and used oak barrels. 80% of these are Hungarian, the rest are French. Our red wines are aged in barrels for 14-18 months on average. Once barrel ageing is complete it is followed by the blending process of our various wines. Our top wines are mostly bottled unfiltered, and are aged further until they are ready for sale.

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